"Definitely his energy. He just has this, ‘I want to do this. I’ma conquer this,’ kind of feel about him, and I just love that. So I get drawn into him. He’s very creative. He’s into things that I’m not necessarily into but I’m intrigued by because he’s interested in it."

"His family accepts me. So beautiful. Black and white, black and white. So many similarities. […] We thank each other every day."

"We were actually so high the first day. And not only high off weed, but high off of each other that we didn’t know what to do next. We still had so much to give each other. He was just like, ‘Okay I’m gonna see you later.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’"
“And then when I got away from her, I’m getting on the train, I’m like, ‘I should have never left.’”

"Everything is brand new. From kissing her, everything is just, it’s like a newborn baby. It’s like—fresh. It smells good, it feels good, the touch. Everything is brand new and I feel like a little kid again. I haven’t explored New York in a long time. Just looking at the grass, and looking at the trees, and ‘Oh my God, the sun feels so good.’ She brings all of that back into my life—the feeling of a child."

"I have yet to lie to her, at all. And that’s big for me. Even when I feel like saying something that’s not true, I’m like, ‘Stop being stupid. You don’t need to lie. She accepts you.’ And that’s it. This is like the best Christmas-birthday present ever."

"And to think that this is only the beginning. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming at times. In the dark times of life. Or at night time, when I have a nightmare and I wake up and he’s still there and I want to run away. And I just don’t because I know he’ll be lonely, and I don’t want that for him. I want all the best for him."
“And that’s life, love, and happiness at it’s best.”

Nicole and Elijah

"In relation to "friend zones," I think that’s to me and actually to her was very important to establish a relationship as friends first."

"My sister was a little toasty, and she went over and just grabbed his butt and said, ‘Isn’t my sister pretty?’"